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Spotify Profits: How I Got 100,000 Followers and 12 Million Streams Marketing My Music On Spotify

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This book shows artists and musicians how to get more streams on Spotify plus featured in Spotify Editorial playlists.
Billboard charting rock and hip hop artists Manafest shows you the new way artists everywhere are getting more fans without a record label.

Spotify Profits will help you get more streams and followers:
- How I hit 400,000 monthly listeners without a record label and no touring
- How to make a ruckus with every song you put out
- Secrets to getting on Spotify editorial playlists
- The right way to run Facebook ads to promote your music on Spotify
- How to profit from the new singles economy

The Spotify Book is A Shortcut:

Fans are the lifeblood of an artists career. If you don’t get fans, you won’t survive the new music economy. Up to this point, getting fans using old school publicists, radio and endless touring is a dying model. You’ve tried it all, probably got burnt by a marketing company or label in the process.

Well, that’s about to change. This book shows you a new way to get more fans streaming and buying your music, and teaches you step-by-step how to use it.

Imagine being on the cutting-edge music marketing instead of behind.
Inside of this book, you’ll find the exact strategies we use to get 10x more fans and streams for independent artists without a label or having to tour.

Here's What You Will Learn From This Amazing Book:
- Latest music marketing and business strategies to grow your Spotify
- Why you need to start collaborating and stop competing with other artists. pg. 6
- How to submit your songs to playlists and get accepted!
- Using Facebook Messenger Bots to your Spotify Streams! pg.36
- How to sell merchandise and tickets using Spotify Ads
- How To Win In The NEW singles economy